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Payroll Services

-Do you dread the end of every pay period?

-Do you struggle to understand the ever-changing rules and regulations of state and federal agencies?

-Are you paying too much and being surprised by unexpected fees for your payroll processing?

-Are your tax payments scheduled to benefit your payroll processor instead of your bank account?

Payroll management can be a tricky aspect of any business with serious financial and legal consequences when things go wrong. Maxworks LLC can help you make it all go right.

At Maxworks we offer comprehensive, full-service payroll services for small to medium-sized businesses, ensuring that payroll is processed on time, accurately and in compliance with all government regulations. We are located on Oahu, Hawaii, but work with clients outer island and on the mainland as well. Getting to know each business and building a relationship with them gives our clients a personalized, more responsive and flexible service that fits their exact needs and is less expensive than online payroll processors.

We customize every payroll to meet the needs of our clients and make it as pain-free as possible. Regardless of your timekeeping system, pay date schedule, tips, insurance deductions, etc., we work with our clients to ensure that they spend the least amount of time and effort on payroll, leaving more time for the more important job of running their business...all at a reasonable price with no hidden fees or gradual increases.

Our Expertise:

  • Full-service Tax Payment and Reporting
  •   Quarterly state and federal tax filings, W-2's, year-end reporting requirements. We maintain up-to-date knowledge of the complicated and ever-changing

  • Payroll Taxes paid only when due
  •     Unlike many payroll services, we schedule taxes to be paid when they are due which is often the month after your payroll, not the date your employees are paid. Your money stays working for you in your bank account until the taxes are actually due.

  • Management of multiple pay rates and pay schedules
  • Direct deposits, paper checks, and pay cards
  •     Includes as many as three separate employee bank accounts with online paystubs available.

  • Tips Income
  •     Accounting for cash and credit card tips collected.

  • Deductions, Pre-tax, employer match
  •     Unlimited number of items per employee paycheck.

  • Garnishments Compliance
  •     Full accounting and compliance as directed by the court.

  • Vacation, Sick Pay tracking
  •     Accrual-based on your company policy; state compliance for sick pay.

  • Custom Reporting
  •     Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI), 401K, employer’s worker compensation, medical, dental, life, and section 125 Cafeteria Plans.